I was introduced to Jim Held along with J.T. Bruce & Associates in an effort to maximize my advertising dollars and ensure the buy was as efficient as possible. I realized how experienced the entire J.T. Bruce & Associates team was, as they took the same dollars and bought more spots with a much better reach and frequency.

Never once did I feel that Jim or his team was making a decision that was not in the best interest of the dealership.
— Bill Doraty, Bill Doraty KIA, #7 Dealership in the USA 2012, Cleveland, Ohio
J.T. Bruce & Associates were able to show how we could maintain our market share while spending less money. The entire process felt like we were on the same team, and they would bring ideas to the table based on what we were trying to accomplish.

Jim, along with the team at J.T. Bruce & Associates, helped me navigate the waters in radio, online, and television strategy. We are always looking to grow, improve, and stay ahead of our competition and they gave us that ability to exceed.
— Bill Dickason, Southwest KIA, s, Texas