About Us

Our objective is to provide the dealership with an unbiased analysis of their current marketing campaign. The goal is to help the individual dealership become more profitable by reviewing and identifying specific elements that can be added or adjusted to help improve their current marketing approach. We will accomplish this by developing a detailed, customized report that is specific to the needs, assessments and concerns of each specific client.

J.T. Bruce has put together a team of professionals that consists of seasoned media marketing experts who have worked on national, regional and local-market accounts. Most of our professionals have experience in automotive advertising and marketing. All of our team members have experience in results-oriented, sales-focused advertised campaigns.

Our Approach

J.T. Bruce developed a unique marketing model which delivers desired results though a strategic process grounded in intelligence and data gathering. Our three step process goes well beyond “the ratings” and gets to the root of advertising concerns.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Redirect marketing dollars to best support bottom line profitability. The answer is not always “to make more, you need to spend more”. Analyze creative and media elements as both are tactics designed to support the greater strategy.

Ability to Identify Customers

Link sales goals to clearly defined socio, geo and behavioral demographic targeting. We find targeting data clusters known to deliver the most desired results often can be achieved for less cost and higher efficiency.


Hold vendors to the highest level of industry standards and integrity.  There is a need to know proof of performance, that waste is being eliminated, and that all vendors are being held accountable to the bottom line.

In conclusion, the best way to reach and acquire a high value target is through a measurable, data centered, creative-appropriate, client profitability approach. You will find in this booklet that we have created a roadmap for success for your dealership.


Our Team


Bruce Rzentkowski

With over 35 years of industry experience, 25 of which Bruce was a Principal of the Hub automotive retail group, he served on several National Dealer Councils, Executive Committees and as President of his Dealer Association. Bruce has the ability to understand what sells at the dealer, group and national levels. His experience helps organizations dramatically elevate their sales while creating operational efficiencies.


Jim Held

Twenty-five years of broadcasting media sales and automotive consulting experience, functioning within the automotive industry at both tier two and tier three level advertising markets. Jim is partner of the J.T. Bruce & Associates team that believes your market strategy comes from measurable goals and that successful campaigns are defined by achieved sales goals.



Judith Salas

Media veteran with over 30 years hands-on experience in TV, radio, outdoor and print planning, buying and stewardship for a variety of client categories including consumer products, retail, entertainment, political candidate and political issues.


Alex Bustamante

Bustamante Media

Multicultural marketing professional with an over 15-year exemplary track record of achievement and success in strategic brand development specializing in the Hispanic market